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Application for the loan how to enhance my likelihood of getting financing?

Application for the loan how to enhance my likelihood of getting financing?



  • Make certain you are fulfilling your loan payment agreements along with other banking institutions (for those who have other loans)
  • Carry out more deals with us. This can be done by upping your deposits and making use of our alternative stations (ATM, USSD, UnionMobile App, UnionOnline etc.)

To find out more, contact us on 012716816 or send an email to: [email protected] today

Do you know the advantages of using a loan that is new the present one stops?

  • You feel entitled to a 20% discount on interest levels and a three months’ tenure expansion

Stipulations use

That is entitled to a loan?

  • An income getting a salary that is minimum of monthly
  • A pensioner finding a minimum pension of n10,000 monthly
  • A small business owner

How do I make an application for that loan?

For pre-approved clients

(take note, you're going to be contacted if you've been pre-approved for the loan)

  • Merely log onto our online banking platform or Mobile App
  • Dial *826*41#

For many other clients

  • Give us a call on 012716816 or send an email to:[email protected today]
  • See any UBN Branch

exactly What advantages do I gain if we repay my loan without defaulting?

  • You may be qualified for as much as a few months’ instalment refund when you repay on time

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